Transparency in the Supply Chain
Guhaya International

Transparency in the supply chain reflects the social value of the company. Supply chains are the systems and sources of a company that deliver goods. It determines the company’s ethics, quality, safety, and environmental impact.

We, at Guhaya International, are a textile procurement company aimed at connecting small home textiles with buyers from around the world. This statement is issued in the interest of informing our consumers about the systems and sources that go into delivering their products.

All our suppliers are home textiles located in Tamil Nadu, India. We have over 10+ suppliers who are inspected by over 15 quality-check inspectors. The company also conducts quality checks on a quarterly basis and evaluates the working conditions of the labourers. The company has a green initiative and procure only from the best like-minded manufacturers.

Our suppliers strictly share our values with respect to workplace ethics. They also aim to reduce negative environmental impact and promote sustainable methods of production. As part of our green initiative, our suppliers use 80% of their electricity from renewable resources. They also use lesser water consumption methods in the manufacturing process.

All of our suppliers are homegrown, organic cotton textiles with a green method of production. They also source their raw materials such as cotton from local farmers thus helping and encouraging the local farming communities.

Our buyers are connected with potential manufacturers based on their requirements. This allows them to talk to our suppliers about their ethical sourcing of raw materials. The designs and products presented by Guhaya International are original. We strongly believe in copyright protection. If any of our employee/s or suppliers are found to produce counterfeit or pirated elements, they would be terminated from the company and any contractual agreement.