Modern Slavery Act 2021
Guhaya International

This statement is issued by Guhaya International in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act, 2015. The Act requires employers to make efforts and be transparent about their activities to end any and all kinds of slavery and human trafficking.

Guhaya International is a textile procurement company aimed at sourcing the best quality materials for all our buyers. We, along with our suppliers and their manufacturing units are located in Tamil Nadu, India.

As an organisation, we are committed to ending any form of slavery and human trafficking including but not limited to forced or child labour, excessive or involuntary working hours, debt bondage, and wage theft. We are committed to building a strong ethical and sustainable work culture in our business. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards threats, violence, abuse, bullying or harassment of any kind.

We believe in the motto ‘Respect for individual’ and thus treat our employees with the utmost respect. Our employees are encouraged to speak up against any unethical and unlawful practices in our business or supply chain. We expect our employees to treat each other with utmost respect and dignity as well.

Our core values lie in building a sustainable community of manufacturers. We have a global policy to reduce the impact of environmental degradation by enabling our suppliers to manufacture sustainable products.

The relationship we have with our suppliers is very essential in upholding our core values. Our suppliers share our belief in the eradication of slavery and adhere to our
policies on the Modern Slavery Act, 2015.

Our suppliers are also in accordance with our sustainability policy and help in minimising waste. Our suppliers use 80% of their electricity from renewable resources and 75% of their processes require lesser water than average for manufacturing. They provide sustainable and high-quality products with the longest life by finding the finest materials, executing the most efficient manufacturing process. They offer products of good quality with value for many and constantly seek to improve their products.

Our suppliers do not engage in discrimination of employees during their service or the hiring process apart from the professional contribution, skills, or capabilities. There is no favourability or preferential treatment of any kind towards a particular employee. We strongly believe in equality of treatment and our suppliers share the same ideal. Guhaya International as committed as we are towards respect and equality for its people and the environment conducts quality checks and reviews our supply chain on a quarterly basis. We are in compliance with all the environmental laws and strive to reduce negative environmental impact.