Corporate Social Responsibility
Guhaya International

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are activities that a company undertakes to give back to society. Every company is obligated to contribute in any kind for the welfare of society.

The Companies Act of 2013 made CSR a mandatory part of a contribution to the government for companies above a specific turnover or net worth. The act of 2014 made India the first country to legislate the companies to undertake CSR activities and mandatorily report on their subsequent initiatives.

The company cannot file for tax deductions and exemptions for CSR as the expenditure is considered as sharing the burden of the government in improving the net worth of the country.

This statement is issued to elaborate on the CSR activities undertaken by Guhaya International. Although the Companies Act of 2013 does not require our business to mandatorily contribute to CSR activities, we are committed to giving back to society. Keeping in touch with our roots and traditions, we believe that every company has to contribute to the soci0-economic growth of the country. According to the 1991, Carroll’s Pyramid of Corporate Social Responsibility, we comply with all the four levels. The enlisted activities are part of the company’s CSR that we undertake.

Economic responsibilities

We create profits resulting in the economic growth of the organisation. Thus ensuring its smooth function.

Legal responsibilities

Guhaya International and its suppliers are in total compliance with the existing legal frameworks and policies in the textile industry. Our products are manufactured ethically and legally.

Ethical responsibilities

The company does not discriminate against any person according to their age, sex, gender, race, community, etc. We are an inclusive business where all our employees and manufacturers are treated equally. Our manufactures share in our sustainability belief and produce goods with the help of local farmers and merchants. We have green operations that aim at reducing carbon footprint and saving water.

Philanthropic responsibilities

The company contributes a small percentage of the profits to parents of girl children to help fund their education. We, Guhaya International, as a company undertake CSR activities by promoting environmental sustainability, education, gender equality, and conservation of natural resources.